Expanding my fintech portfolio

As previously announced, one more company will enter my so far modest portfolio of early-stage startups. This time around, it is a company that is conceived from the fintech scene in Bergen.

PNGR is a solution aiming to provide a total overview of your personal financial situation. PNGR collects the market value of your assets, as well as outstanding debt, and estimated income through standardized APIs, providing an automated generation of your personal balance sheet.

The platform will evolve based on user feedback, and additional functionality will be added continuously with simplicity and ease of use as a guiding principle.

The service will in addition to providing an overview for consumers, provide the possibility to offer financial advice and suggested options to improve the user’s financial balance. PNGR will utilize an underlying platform that enables the aggregation of financial data from a wide array of data sources.

Through an automated collection of data from verified sources, PNGR will disrupt the market for financial agents, with a strong prognosis towards becoming cash positive within one year from launch.

In addition to the talented entrepreneur, CEO, and currently the only full-time employee, PNGR has rallied an extended team of seasoned serial entrepreneurs in board and advisory board positions to further strengthen the company with complementary expertise and experience.

Learn more about PNGR here.

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