My blog has reached its one year anniversary


One year ago today I decided to start a blog, and apparently celebrating blog anniversaries is a thing. Over the course of a year I have covered numerous subjects primarily related to fintech and digitalization, with the goal of publishing something every week on average.

My primary motivation for doing this is to challenge myself to learn  in-depth the subject matters that I need to understand in my line of work, and not only scratch the surface on every over-hyped subject that pops up. If I am able to write something that makes sense on complex subjects, that is an efficient self-confirmation that actually I understand what I am talking about. On that note, writing this semi-personal blog post is hands-down the most difficult post I have written so far. I should stick to writing about other things than myself.

During this first year of my blog I have primarily focused on fintech and the future of banking and financial services, but also more in-depth posts on valuations, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things and much more. I have also published guest post from Brett King of Moven, Lawrence Wintermeyer of Innovate Finance, and Henning Rokling of Startle.  This totals at more than 50 blog posts, and my most popular posts are the ones on fintech in the Nordic region.

Stay tuned for more on whatever comes across as important subject matters for me to learn more about in the year to come.



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