From headlines to heart and soul: How do banks engage with startups in a meaningful way?


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Every day there are partnership announcements between banks and startups, but how many deliver enduring value? A relationship provides obvious benefits to both parties: for the startup, networks, access to customers and finances; and for the bank, the ability to accelerate the pace of innovation and learn from the startup’s approach. The culture, mindset, language and structures of both types of organisation are diametrically opposed in most cases, so what are the key ingredients required to develop a long lasting relationship that goes way beyond the headlines? I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences on the subject from the SpareBank 1 and mCASH deal, hackathons on our APIs and how we are creating a culture for fintech collaboration from within the bank. I will be joined by a great panel of both bankers and fintech professionals from around the world. More information on the panel session here.

Make sure to check out my friends at IKT Norway who will be attending with fintech forest, a shared stand for seven selected Norwegian fintech startups. I  have talked to a lot of my fintech friends and exciting startups in the last couple of weeks now that the event is approaching, and everything points to an exciting week of fintech. I look forward to seeing the majority og the fintech community at Money 20/20 Europe next month.








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