Everyone can become a father, but becoming a dad takes an effort

On the same week as the international women’s day, I have just started my period of paternal leave with my little son, Olav. So far I’m having the time of my life, and I hope every man gets the opportunity to spend this time with their child. There should be no excuse for men to refrain from this opportunity.

While the excuses to not divide the paternal leave as equal as possible, none are valid in my opinion. I expect that any employer that has any wish to attract talent, realize that encouraging equality and taking paternal leave is a minimum requirement to even be considered as an employer. The same goes for men that for some reason still have the attitude that taking care of your child is woman’s job. This attitude is beyond obsolete, and no one is too important to take care of one’s own child.

The opportunity to take parental leave is a great benefit from living in a welfare state. However, if we men do not step up and play our part, it can quickly become a burden for women career-wise.

Personally, I choose to live by the words told to me by an ex-colleague and friend, everyone can become a father, but becoming a dad takes an effort. During the next months, I’m gonna spend my time to be the best dad imaginable to my little guy.

2 thoughts on “Everyone can become a father, but becoming a dad takes an effort

  • March 8, 2018 at 1:30 pm

    Christoffer, good for you! When my son was born in Norway (at Aker Sykehus, Oslo), my wife was not working, so I did not get the same opportunity. In addition, I was a consultant, and on the road a lot during the first years after my son was born, and we both missed a great opportunity to bond early. With my daughter it was different, in the US, and I was not travelling much, and had the time to bond really well (she loved being picked up in my arms and dance around with me while I sang “Kostervalsen”).

    I have to say I envy your time with Olav.

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