Kredd is a crowdlending company aiming to challenge existing financial markets characterized by unhealthy competition, high prices, and lack of innovation. Through their user-friendly platform, Kredd connects borrowers and lenders – without costly intermediaries.

Kredd is targeting the market for unsecured debt as a starting point. Despite an explosion in the number of providers of consumer loans, there is an absence of effective price competition. Kredd offers an efficient and open marketplace that connects lenders and borrowers – without expensive intermediaries. Lenders are offered good returns on their savings, and more importantly: Borrowers get access to unsecured loans at a significantly lower interest rate.

Kredd has developed a proprietary fully digital loan application process that utilize available and verified data sources to populate loan applications, thus mitigating credit risk as well as reducing manual processes.

Apart from a solid technical platform, the core team of Kredd has the relevant background and has since the company was conceived in 2016 proven an impressive track record in executing on their vision in addition to an already extensive experience from the financial services industry..  

Kredd has a license as a payment company and is registered as a loan intermediary with the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority. You can find us in the licensing register of Finanstilsynet. Kredd is also one of the first Fintech companies to become a member of Finans Norge, thus being in the forefront of shaping a sustainable regulatory environment for crowdlending.

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