Nordea and Danske Bank forms mobile payment powerhouse in the Nordics


Nordea announced this morning in a press release that they wil be joining forces with Danske Bank on the mobile payment platform Mobilepay as equal partners. The initiative welcomes all Nordic banks to join in in the collaboration effort.

As a consequence, Nordea will leave Swipp, a collaboration effort in mobile payments in Denmark.

inorder to make the platofrm attractive for other Nordic banks, Mobilepay also announce that Mobilepay will be divested in a separate legal entity with an independent board of directors. Mobilepay will also rid themselves of “by Danske Bank” in order to create a service that is attractive for all Nordic banks that wish to join. With a rapidly changing payment landscape, Mobilepay aims to create a Nordic player that is able to withstand competition from every direction in the years to come.

Visit Nordea’s press release for more.



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