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The Scandinavian fintech landscape is showing great potential


After seeing numerous Fintech maps in the last couple of months I decided to create my own for the Nordic region based on my own research and data collection. Key takeaways:

  • Payments is the largest strategic group
  • Sweden leads the way in payments, both in size and number of companies
  • Total investments raised is skewed by a couple of companies
  • Marketplace lending is growing in Sweden, but still at an early stage
  • There is some activity in insurance tech in Denmark
  • Investment services focus on institutional investors rather than retail investors
  • Crowdfunding looks crowded (pun intended)

The plan is to expand this research to include all the Nordic countries as soon as I find the time. There are more companies than those shown in my database. Check out nordicfintech.com for more info.

7 thoughts on “The Scandinavian fintech landscape is showing great potential

  • Missing out on some big ones in lending e.g. Flex Funding and Lendify?

    • I straight up forgot about Lendify when I made the overview. Thanks for the tip on Flex Finance, I will update my database with that one. This will never be acomplete list, so there will always be some gaps. I appreciate all feedback on any companies that have gone under my radar!

  • good overview Chri. couple of companies missing in the countries you have covered, and mCASH should be in the infrastructure bracket in addition to payments.

    • Thanks for the feedback. As I have stated in my previous blog posts, I am unable to catch up on all the companies on my own., I appreciate all the inut I can get on any companies I might have missed. Please let my know which ones I am missing, and I will update my data accordingly!

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  • Hi Christoffer, great stuff with this landscape. Please add Northholders – we are in the wealth management category, providing intelligent investment advice and asset management for everyone. BR/Anders


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