The Scandinavian fintech landscape is showing great potential


After seeing numerous Fintech maps in the last couple of months I decided to create my own for the Nordic region based on my own research and data collection. Key takeaways:

  • Payments is the largest strategic group
  • Sweden leads the way in payments, both in size and number of companies
  • Total investments raised is skewed by a couple of companies
  • Marketplace lending is growing in Sweden, but still at an early stage
  • There is some activity in insurance tech in Denmark
  • Investment services focus on institutional investors rather than retail investors
  • Crowdfunding looks crowded (pun intended)

The plan is to expand this research to include all the Nordic countries as soon as I find the time. There are more companies than those shown in my database. Check out for more info.

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I straight up forgot about Lendify when I made the overview. Thanks for the tip on Flex Finance, I will update my database with that one. This will never be acomplete list, so there will always be some gaps. I appreciate all feedback on any companies that have gone under my radar!

good overview Chri. couple of companies missing in the countries you have covered, and mCASH should be in the infrastructure bracket in addition to payments.

Thanks for the feedback. As I have stated in my previous blog posts, I am unable to catch up on all the companies on my own., I appreciate all the inut I can get on any companies I might have missed. Please let my know which ones I am missing, and I will update my data accordingly!

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